What are the best HR Conferences in Australia for 2023?
What are the best HR Conferences in Australia for 2023?

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What are the best HR Conferences in Australia for 2023?
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Are you a networking machine, or an absolute information absorber? In that case HR conferences in Australia must be your best friend! If you are none of these, just a leader in the HR industry, then you should be attending these things anyway. So to make life easy, we have compiled a list of the top 5 HR conferences taking place in Australia.

1. National HR Summit

When is the National HR summit: 

2019:  26 – 27 March

2020: 11-12 August

2021: Cancelled

2022: 23-24 March

2023: 22-23 March 2023


2019: Luna Park Sydney

2020: Virtual (COVID-19)

2022: Luna Park Sydney

2023: Luna Park

Short description:

The National HR Summit is the flagship of a series of HR leadership events held in Sydney. No matter how you are involved in HR, the National HR Summit has got you covered as it splits into three conference streams including the main expo and a forum specifically for HR directors. The summit also includes an expansive industry expo and a program of free networking opportunities (think mini pies – oh yeah!) and smaller group workshops. 

In conclusion, the National HR Summit provides an event experience that is unique on the HR industry calendar.

2. HR Evolve Series

When is the HR Evolve Series

2023: 30th May 2023 (Sydney)

2023: 11th October 2023 (Melbourne)


Hilton Hotel, Sydney

Crown Conference Centre, Melbourne

Short description

The HR Evolve Forum will explore the emerging future focused developments in human resources at a high strategic level, where a group of over 150+ senior HR leaders from across the country meet represented via a diverse range of industries.

A Worknice favourite form many years, it is taking place in both Melbourne and Sydney, and this years theme will be focused around “The evolving future of HR”.

3. HR Tech Summit 

When is the HR Tech Summit

2019: 12 September

2020: 9 September

2021: 8 September

2023: 7 September 2023


2019: The Westin, Sydney

2020: Virtual (COVID-19)

2021: The Fullerton, Sydney

2023: The Fullerton, Sydney

Short description: 

As suggested by the name, this event focuses on technology within the HR industry. It is pretty widely known that technology is going to play an ever increasing role in business, and that will be true for HR departments and workforce management. Technology moves fast, so you need to make sure you keep up with the changes through networking and joining learning from the industry leaders.

4. Gartner ReimagineHR Conference 2023

When is the Gartner ReimaginedHR Conference

2019: 6 – 7 August

2020: Cancelled (COVID-19)

2021: Not released (as of 18th March)

2023: 4-5 December 2023


2019: Hilton Sydney Hotel

2020: Cancelled (COVID-19)

2023: Sydney (specific location not listed)

Short description

Built on forward-thinking HR research, this conference will give you hands-on, how-to advice on Development and performance, leadership and talent management, recruiting and assessments, diversity and inclusion, talent and learning analytics. As a result, attending a Gartner conference can help spur new ideas, fast-track project strategy and execution, and advance your professional skills.

For 2023, this event recognises that organisations showed remarkable innovation and experimentation through the extreme disruption of the past three years. HR led the way in transforming work models, boosting accountability for employee well-being and equity, and expanding the boundaries of what leaders previously thought their people, systems and technologies could achieve.

How can HR leaders build a new, sustainable path forward to extraordinary talent impact without the extraordinary circumstances of recent years?
At Gartner ReimagineHR Conference we explore emerging ideas and actionable insights on how HR leaders can harness and direct this creative momentum to unlock new dimensions of human performance. Learn how to:
• Build talent strategies to drive organisational growth and guide your organisation through future disruption
• Leverage technology to understand the factors that power human performance
• Adopt best practices to attract, engage, and retain the in-demand talent needed to drive organisational value.

5. HR Innovation & Tech Fest

When is the HR Innovation & Tech Fest event? 

2019: 18 – 19 November

2020: 9-10 December

2021: Cancelled

2022: 8-9 November 2022

2023: 15-16 November 2023


2019: ICC Sydney

2020: ICC Sydney

2022: ICC Sydney

2023: ICC Sydney

Short description

HR Innovation & Tech Fest is Australia’s most exciting and progressive gathering of HR leaders, difference-makers and disruptors with focus on talent, technology and ideas transforming the future of work. This event includes days of learning and innovation on HR Tech, L&D, Digital Transformation, Talent, Recruitment, Diversity & Inclusion, Wellbeing and Engagement.

Why should you attend HR conferences in Australia?

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know! 

The number one reason to attend conferences is to immerse yourself in the HR industry. What could possibly be more thought provoking than being amongst thought leaders, technology leaders and near a constant stream of black coffee?

So the question should be less ‘should I attend HR conferences’ and more ‘which one should I go to?’ There are hundreds of HR conferences organised each and every year around the world. Even within Australia, there are too many for even the most motivated networkers to attend them all. The team here at Worknice think the 5 HR conferences above are the largest and most popular among them all.  

Attending these HR conferences is an incredibly fun way to learn about the latest HR industry insights and hear from HR thought leaders. So what are you waiting for? Pick a few of these HR conferences and book your ticket right away! 🙂

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