An HR platform that is both delightful and powerful

Discover the modern people platform that evolves with your business, empowers leaders with smart HR automation, and delivers a delightfully intuitive experience to employees and managers.

Intuitive & flexible platform

Worknice’s mobile first platform empowers employees, managers and system admins to create a fit for purpose solution that is simple and accessible.

Systemise nearly any workflow

Reduce your admin burden streamlining onboarding, compliance, employee changes, tasks and processes.

Unified data and compliance

Bring your data into a centralised platform to automate compliance, control the paperwork chaos, and surface the information HR teams need to do their work.

What our customers say

  • Iris Apello

    “HR admin was becoming quite overwhelming and we wanted something that automated our processes as much as possible. We also didn’t want to spend months getting things setup.”

    – Flow of Work

  • Louise Glover

    “Impressive! I’ve worked with many HRIS platforms over the years and have never found something that enables me to automate my every day work. Even better, my employees find Worknice intuitive and easy to use.”

    – Experience Digital

Unify you HR data on the Worknice platform

Unify Data

Connect your HR stack

Having complete trust in data integrity and consistency enables HR teams to take automations and workflows to the next level.  We help save HR teams precious time through a trusted integration ecosystem, reducing manual effort and exceeding business needs through a fully integrated platform solution.

  • Personalise your core HR apps by Worknice
  • Connect Worknice to the tools you already use
  • Connect Worknice to future apps as you scale
  • Maintain data integrity and accuracy

Systemise Process

Transform HR with workflows

Automate your core HR operations within powerful workflows. Speed up process, make quick decisions based on data you can trust, and free up your team (and yourself!) from the complicated and time consuming HR admin and process.

  • Create and configure workflows to fit your  needs
  • Workflows to systemise compliance, collecting personal and payroll info, process promotions and more
  • Customise workflows for different roles, teams, locations or processes



Delightful employee experience

Built for mobile from the ground up with simplicity and intuitive design at every turn. In turn, empower employees and managers with self-service tasks and tools so they can update their details, sign-off on policies and maintain their compliance docs all without emailing HR.

  • Use Worknice on the go with a mobile first design
  • Intuitive & easy platform that employees won’t need to fight
  • Centralised inbox so users don’t need to wade through clunky menus


Best of breed HR solution marketplace

Unite your current and future HR systems through Worknice’s integration approach. Our software play’s nice and works with leading HR technologies, enabling customers to solve their business needs with best of breed HR apps.

  • Access an ecosystem of best of breed HR solutions
  • Reduce double handling and manual paperwork
  • Sub in and out HR solutions as your business evolves
  • Robust data forms valuable and accurate insights

More reasons to choose Worknice

  • Fast, Local Australian

    Built for Australian’s by Australian’s.

  • Powerful Platform

    Our smart platform drives simple but sophisticated features.

  • Assisted Onboarding

    A fast and pain free onboarding experience.

  • Trusted Security

    Market leading security and data privacy by AWS.

  • Integrations

    Connect your people, data and systems through powerful integrations.

  • Mobile friendly

    Built for mobile from the ground up. Works on any device, any where.

Discover Worknice Today

Talk to us about your plans and discover how Worknice can help you build a great workplace.

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