Worknice Integrations

Worknice offers an open platform that allows you to connect your favourite apps to create a unified, streamlined HR ecosystem. Worknice connects with HR apps spanning payroll, recruitment, learning & development, workforce management, collaboration and more.

Create your HR tech stack

We simplify the process of creating your optimal HR tech stack, recommending the best apps for your individual needs.

Unify your people data

A unified, centralised tech stack means you can take automations and workflows to the next level.

Streamline HR process

Reduce double handling and manual paperwork, improving accuracy and efficiency.

Discover Worknice Today

Talk to us about your plans and discover how Worknice can help you build a great workplace.

What our customers say

  • Iris Apello

    “HR admin was becoming quite overwhelming and we wanted something that automated our processes as much as possible. We also didn’t want to spend months getting things setup.”

    – Flow of Work

  • Louise Glover

    “Impressive! I’ve worked with many HRIS platforms over the years and have never found something that enables me to automate my every day work. Even better, my employees find Worknice intuitive and easy to use.”

    – Experience Digital

More reasons to choose Worknice

  • Fast, Local Australian

    Built for Australian’s by Australian’s.

  • Powerful Platform

    Our smart platform drives simple but sophisticated features.

  • Assisted Onboarding

    A fast and pain free onboarding experience.

  • Trusted Security

    Market leading security and data privacy by AWS.

  • Integrations

    Connect your people, data and systems through powerful integrations.

  • Mobile friendly

    Built for mobile from the ground up. Works on any device, any where.

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