Sample health and safety policy
Sample health and safety policy

Sample health and safety policy
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What is a health and safety policy?

A Work Health and Safety policy outline a businesses WHS obligations to people who interact with it. The policy should apply to staff, contractors, other workers as well as customers.

Time to download – handle compliance with ease, every time

INTRO – Creating a set of policies and procedures is one of the most time-consuming aspects of the HR function. Is the policy and procedure correct? Does it comply with a maze of law and compliance? Has an important clause been missed? Do employees know about it, and have they acknowledged it!

The good news is that Worknice has surfaced a range of downloadable sample policy and procedures for you to use – Created by Source HR.

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Need more than a sample health and safety policy?

Free samples are good, but they don’t harness the power of modern HR technology like Worknice. Worknice eliminates the stress of compliance by reducing manual admin and streamlining process.

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These document, plus 100’s more, are available and ready as smart docs for you to edit and deploy digitally to new hires and existing employees. Track signature acceptance, automatically follow up non-compliance and more!

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Why is free health and safety policy sample worth downloading?

Worknice content partners have helped create a comprehensive library of sample templates, policies and contracts. 

Our content partners are made up of HR consultants, lawyers, experts and professionals. As a result, they pride themselves on offering quality resources that are freely accessible to the public.

This particular sample health and safety policy is a reproduction of a digital ‘smart document’ that is available as part of the Worknice document management solution.

Why are we giving it away for free?

Worknice is a software platform that helps you focus your time and energy on people, rather than process. This downloadable template is a pdf or editable document. So while the content is great, it does not come to life with technology features like automations, workflows, auto-updates, electronic sign-offs, integration and more.

Do sample health and safety policies give you certification

Unfortunately it is not as easy as that! Workplace health & safety policies should be tailored specifically to your workplace. This policy is a general policy that is more suited to office environments. Workplaces with more specific requirements than those covered in this policy should seek advice and adopt a policy that is suited to their workplace.

What are the typical sections of a health and safety policy manual

A health and safety manual is a complete handbook outlining a businesses approach to health and safety. The policies and procedures outlined within often follow the legislation ISO45001.

Worknice customers get access to a complete health and safety handbook. The sections are below:

Scope 6

Normative References 8

Terms and Definitions 9

Understanding the Organisation and its Context 11

Understanding the Needs and Expectations of Workers and other Interested Parties 13

Determining the Scope of the WHS Management System 14

WHS Management System 15

Leadership and Commitment 16

WHS Policy 17

Organisational Roles, Responsibilities, Accountabilities and Authorities 18

Participation and Consultation 19

WHS System Legislative Matrix 20

Actions to Address Risks and Opportunities 24

WHS Objectives and Planning to Achieve Them 26

Resources 28

Competence 29

Awareness 30

Information and Communication 31

Documented Information 32

Operation Planning and Control 33

Management of Change 34

Outsourcing 36

Procurement 37

Contractors 38

Emergency Preparedness and Response 39

Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis and Evaluation 42

Internal Audit 43

Management Review 44

Incident, Non-Conformity and Corrective Actions 45

Continual Improvement 46

Procedures WHSP:

1 Procedure WHSP 1 – Legal Other Requirements 47

2 Procedure WHSP 2 – Legal Compliance 49

3 Procedure WHSP 3 – Control of Records 51

4 Procedure WHSP 4 – Training, Competence & Awareness 53

5 Procedure WHSP 5 – Document & Data Control 55

6 Procedure WHSP 6 – Document Control Example 57

7 Procedure WHSP 7 – Emergency Preparedness & Response 60

8 Procedure WHSP 8 – Monitoring & Measuring 63

9 Procedure WHSP 9 – Non-Conformances & Corrective Action 65

10 Procedure WHSP 10 – WHS Management Reviews 67

Workplace health and safety forms:

1 WHSF 1 – Job Description 68

2 WHSF 2 – Employment Application Form 69

3 WHSF 3 – Training Record 75

4 WHSF 4 – Performance Review 76

5 WHSF 5 – Service Report 82

6 WHSF 6 – Contractor Approval Checklist 84

7 WHSF 7 – Contractor Approval Scoresheet 87

8 WHSF 8 – Contractor Contract Clause 95

9 WHSF 9 – Contractor Expression of Interest Letter 96

10 WHSF 10 – Contractor Inspection Checklist 97

11 WHSF 11 – Contractor Letter 104

12 WHSF 12 – Internal Audit Form 106

13 WHSF 13 -Management Review Meeting Record 108

14 WHSF 14 – Non-Conformity Report 111

15 WHSF 15 -Contract Non-Conformance Form 112

16 WHSF 16 -Register of Legislation 113

17 WHSF 17 – WHS Record Master List 115

18 WHSF 18 – Archives Register 116

Chemical Register 117

Company Risk Register 118

Confined Space Permit 120

Confined Space Register 125

Consultation Statement 126

Contractor Environmental Risk Assessment 128

Contractor Insurance Details Form 134

Document Review Schedule 136

Ergonomic Checklist 137

Evacuation Pre Drill Checklist 141

Forklift Checklist 143

Hazard Notification Form 145

Hot Work Permit 147

Incident Report Form 151

Induction Checklist 153

Investigation Form 156

Job Description Inserts 160

Managers WHS Reports 163

Performance Plan Inserts 165

Plant & Equipment Register 167

Rehabilitation & Treatment Plan 169

Residual Current Device Register 171

Return to Work Plan Template 172

Risk Assessment Form 174

Safe Work Method Statement Template 177

Schedule of Inspection Template 179

Vehicle Checklist 180Site Inspection Checklist 182

Ditch the PDFs! Manage your health and safety policy in Worknice

Sure you can download these sample policies, but wouldn’t you prefer to set them up once, do it right, and layer on process so you don’t have to worry about it again? Get Worknice!

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  • E-signature – Send contracts, offers, and documentation for review and sign off.
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  • 100% convenience – Mobile-first, amazing UI, and everything new and existing hires need in the one spot.

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  • Smart, compliant contracts, policies and templates out of the box – choose from a pre-populated library or create something new.
  • Automated tasks – ensure compliance activities get done.

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