Sample workplace surveillance notice and computer surveillance policy
Sample workplace surveillance notice and computer surveillance policy

Sample workplace surveillance notice and computer surveillance policy
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What is a workplace surveillance notice and computer surveillance policy?

The purpose of a Workplace Surveillance Policy is to ensure that a transparent environment exists
within a business regarding employee surveillance. and that (company) complies with the requirements of the
Workplace Surveillance Legislation (the Legislation).

Let’s now take a look at five methods you can use to monitor your employees during their worktime:

  • Employee Monitoring Software. …
  • Video Surveillance. …
  • Network and Email Monitoring. …
  • Keycards and Biometric Terminals. …
  • GPS Tracking.

Time to download – handle compliance with ease, every time

Creating a set of policies and procedures is one of the most time-consuming aspects of the HR function. So questions are asked such as, is the policy and procedure correct? Does it comply with a maze of law and compliance? Has an important clause been missed? Do employees know about it, and also have they acknowledged it!

The good news is that Worknice has surfaced a range of downloadable sample policy and procedures for you to use – Created by Source HR.

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Need more than a sample workplace surveillance notice and computer surveillance policy?

Free samples are good, but they don’t harness the power of modern HR technology like Worknice. Worknice eliminates the stress of compliance by reducing manual admin and streamlining process.

Ditch the paper and pdf forms

These document, plus 100’s more, are available and ready as smart docs for you to edit and deploy digitally to new hires and existing employees. Track signature acceptance, automatically follow up non-compliance and more!

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Viewing permissions
Digital signature
Dynamic fields
Employee self service
Approval workflows
Secure storage
And more

Why is free workplace surveillance notice and computer surveillance policy sample worth downloading?

Worknice content partners have helped create a comprehensive library of sample templates, policies and contracts. 

Our content partners are made up of HR consultants, lawyers, experts and professionals. As a result, they pride themselves on offering quality resources that are freely accessible to the public.

This particular sample workplace surveillance notice and computer surveillance policy is a reproduction of a digital ‘smart document’ that is available as part of the Worknice document management solution.

Why are we giving it away for free?

Worknice is a software platform that helps you focus your time and energy on people, rather than process. This downloadable template is a pdf or editable document. So while the content is great, it does not come to life with technology features like automations, workflows, auto-updates, electronic sign-offs, integration and more.

7 Reasons to Consider Workplace Surveillance

The increasing number of checks on workers by their employer – such as through the monitoring of emails, phone calls and computer use, or using cameras and other technology to keep an eye on their activities – is becoming a worrying issue for many.

In fact, two thirds of workers are concerned that workplace surveillance could be used in a discriminatory way if left unregulated.

Of course, there may well be valid reasons for businesses to begin workplace surveillance and monitoring.

Efficient Time Management

Firstly, there is the obvious: reducing non-work related activities occur during work hours. If the monitoring reveals that the workers are shopping online or socialising on social during work time, management can take actions against the employee. We could probably argue that management is not creating an engaged and motivating environment for their employees if this is happening, but that is a debate for another time.

Loss Prevention

Theft is prevalent in all areas of society, so it would be naive to think it doesn’t happening in business environments. Some forms of ‘theft’ aren’t really a big deal for business, such as loosing a few paper clips. Instead, it is the theft that can put a business at risk that is being tackled, such as an employee selling proprietary company information to a competitor.

Enhanced Safety and Security

Safety is a non-negotiable concept in the workplace. Technology that monitors employees can increase safety particularly for high risk workers, such as those working with heavy machinery, or those working solo and putting themselves in high risk situations.

Boost in Productivity

Evaluation of Employee Performance

Ward Off Trespassers

Better Office Management

Ditch the PDFs! Manage your workplace surveillance notice and computer surveillance policy in Worknice

Sure you can download these sample policies, but wouldn’t you prefer to set them up once, do it right, and layer on process so you don’t have to worry about it again? Get Worknice!

Streamline your HR admin from anywhere

  • E-signature – Send contracts, offers, and documentation for review and sign off.
  • Automate the day one set up – trigger actions upon contract sign-off
  • Smart docs – add in dynamic fields so there is no manual data input for information like [first name] or [position]

Engage your team, even when they are apart

  • 100% convenience – Mobile-first, amazing UI, and everything new and existing hires need in the one spot.

Keep on top of a changing compliance landscape

  • Smart, compliant contracts, policies and templates out of the box – choose from a pre-populated library or create something new.
  • Automated tasks – ensure compliance activities get done.

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