Instantly create your Health & Safety policies in one platform
Instantly create your Health & Safety policies in one platform

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Instantly create your Health & Safety policies in one platform
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When it comes to managing your important documents in Worknice, there are two options for you; add your own existing documents, or alternatively choose from one of our many curated templates available in the document library.

The Worknice Health & Safety Policies template is an example of a document you can get from our library, and is available to all Worknice clients.

Prepare a Health & Safety manual in 50-90% of the time

Step 1 – Save hours by instantly generating your manual

Literally the click of a button. Whether you’re looking to gain accreditation, apply for a tendering, or simply to align to the latest ISO 45001 standard, this document will save you hours. With a comprehensive range of sample WHS policies, procedures and forms, Worknice will help you develop your safety procedures and processes in one comprehensive manual. Oh, and your business name will be pre-populated throughout thanks to your smart dynamic fields… time saved!

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Step 2 – Tailor the manual to your specific business

Fill in the gaps that relate to your unique business, such as years of operation. It looks and feels like Microsoft word.

Step 3 – Send out the policy for review – with some smart tech to boot

Ensure compliance by sending out the health and safety manual to employees and contractors – you way you want. Simply select who you want to send the document too – the whole company, a department, a location, or individuals – and hit send. That will trigger a task in that users Worknice task box, as well as an email direct to them. You can even create an announcement on the Worknice Dashboard.

Assign employees and contractors your health and safety manual iso45001

Step 4 – Employee & contractor sign off on Policies

Finally, don’t spend time chasing up employees for their compliance every time you add a new document form or policy in Worknice. Worknice Software will automatically request employees and contractors to log their acceptance either by digital sign or an ‘acknowledge’ button.  Worknice will generate a report displaying which of the users have accepted the policy. Easy!

acknowledgement report for HR documents such as the health and safety manual
Obligations of the employer

Sections of the Worknice WHS manual

Normative References8
Terms and Definitions9
Understanding the Organisation and its Context11
Understanding the Needs and Expectations of Workers and other Interested Parties13
Determining the Scope of the WHS Management System14
WHS Management System15
Leadership and Commitment16
WHS Policy17
Organisational Roles, Responsibilities, Accountabilities and Authorities18
Participation and Consultation19
WHS System Legislative Matrix20
Actions to Address Risks and Opportunities24
WHS Objectives and Planning to Achieve Them26
Information and Communication31
Documented Information32
Operation Planning and Control33
Management of Change34
Emergency Preparedness and Response39
Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis and Evaluation42
Internal Audit43
Management Review44
Incident, Non-Conformity and Corrective Actions45
Continual Improvement46
Procedure WHSP 1 – Legal Other Requirements47
Procedure WHSP 2 – Legal Compliance49
Procedure WHSP 3 – Control of Records51
Procedure WHSP 4 – Training, Competence & Awareness53
Procedure WHSP 5 – Document & Data Control55
Procedure WHSP 6 – Document Control Example57
Procedure WHSP 7 – Emergency Preparedness & Response60
Procedure WHSP 8 – Monitoring & Measuring63
Procedure WHSP 9 – Non-Conformances & Corrective Action65
Procedure WHSP 10 – WHS Management Reviews67

Key features of Worknice document management software

01. Dynamic smart fields

Make your documents smart with dynamic fields. Automatically populate documents with personalised employee data such as first name, managers name, location name or even payment frequency.

02. Document approval workflows

Automate approvals on contracts, acceptance letters and policy updates. Workflows and approvals make sure that each stage of your process is completed accurately and by the right people.

03. Secure storage of company documents

Give the right people access to the right information. You can manage who sees what information so that sensitive data is shown only to those who need it. Use our standard roles or create your own custom roles and permissions.

04. Available from any device

Reduce admin by allowing employees to access their acknowledged documents from any device, anywhere.

Plus a whole lot more

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