Leave! Leave calendar, employee leave register and 29 more updates
Leave! Leave calendar, employee leave register and 29 more updates

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Leave! Leave calendar, employee leave register and 29 more updates
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It’s a record. Our most upvoted feature has been launched.

Worknice is the fastest evolving HR product on the market, with new features being shipped almost daily. These features are driven by feedback submitted by our clients and prospects and allows us to create a great product that solves the challenges of the typical HR leader.

No better example of that was a ‘leave calendar’. This, along with 29 other updates were added to Worknice this month. Let’s dive in and take a look.

Leave calendar – with integration to XERO & Keypay payroll

Managing leave can be difficult at the best of times. All the information you need to review and approve leave requests is scattered all over the place. Wouldn’t it be nice if you go to a place that shows all the approved leave upcoming up across the entire organisation? A place you could get instant answers to questions like;

  • How many staff have time off over Christmas?
  • How many sick days were there last week?
  • I have to approve leave. Who else has time off over the same period?

Well, now you can with the Worknice leave calendar function, which provides visibility of leave and resource availability across your organisation, saving valuable time. This automatically compiles the moment you sync a XERO or Keypay account.

Employee leave register

The leave calendar is great – helping you to look ahead at upcoming leave across the business – but what if you want to look back and analyse past leave taken by your employees?

We have that covered too right from within each employee’s Worknice profile.

Simply click on a Worknice person record and you can view all their past and upcoming leave throughout their time at the business.

Introducing the historical leave register

What else changed in September?

Worknice put’s a ton of energy into creating a great product for growing businesses.

We believe anyone who is responsible for managing HR deserves a smarter way to manage people, employment and engagement. Our goal is to deliver new features that offer a best-in-class product without the bloat.

That’s why more businesses are choosing Worknice.

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September 1 2022

  • Fixed GraphiQL stylesheet.
  • Fixed broken down migrations.
  • Fixed database seed script.

September 6 2022

  • Added bundles for assigning multiple templates at once.
  • Added “Assign Template” to the assignments overview page (/assignments)
  • Fixed bug prevent signatures from doc template carrying through to assignments.

September 8 2022

  • Improved the mobile experience for onboarding.
  • Added a welcome message to the onboarding page.
  • Implemented Axiom for performance monitoring.
  • Reworded the “private information” notice.

September 9 2022

  • Prevented notifications from being created when a form is assigned via the “Update Details” button.
  • Made boolean fields on the tax form null by default.
  • Added placeholder text the task name input to clarify how the field should be used.
  • Prevented hidden fields from displaying on certificates that have been submitted.
  • Slightly adjusted the default black colour to match the Worknice brand.
  • Added ESLint to the tests script to automatically catch code issues.
  • Renamed the “queries” directory to be “operations”.
  • Fixed super fund USI field.
  • Fixed display of certificate images.

September 12 2022

  • Updated to the latest version of Next.js.

September 15 2022

  • Added basic leave requests which employees can submit and admins can approve/deny.
  • Added top-level “leave” page where admins can view all upcoming (and recently past leave).
  • Reordered fields in the TechnologyOne integration.

September 19 2022

  • Added employee ID field to people.
  • Reorganised the people settings page (/people/:id/settings).
  • Fixed grouping of leave requests.

September 23 2022

  • Upgraded to the latest version of Supabase.
  • Fixed bug preventing archiving/disconnecting of Xero integrations with expired tokens.
  • Improved error message when a Xero sync fails because of an expired token.

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