Powerful workflows and approvals

Time off Management Software

Spend less time on time off

Spend way less time tracking employee leave. Employees make requests, managers approve them – Worknice takes care of the rest.

Powerful workflows and approvals

Using our employee time off tracking software is simple and intuitive by design. When an employee makes a leave request, their manager gets instant notification in their Worknice inbox. Checking for calendar conflicts takes a few seconds with the revolutionary overlap report, and approving the request is even faster. The system notifies the employee and updates their balance automatically, so work can continue with minimal interruption and complete transparency on the go.

Why you will love our time off management software

Why you will love our time off management software

Make requesting and approving leave a breeze

Say goodbye to requests falling through the cracks. With Worknice you can make requesting time off simple (with no approval required) or support a multi-step approval structure.

Simplify time off tracking

Keep your eye on the big picture with visibility into leave balances, department overlaps and pending approvals.

Keep track of your remote workforce

With the rise in employees now working from home, new expectations can be tricky to manage. Easily keep track of your work from home policy.

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Make requesting and approving leave a breeze

Easily Request Time Off from anywhere Full visibility of all leave requests - HRIS time off and leave approval workflow software

Simplify time off tracking

Full visibility of all leave requests - HRIS software that shows leave overlaps Seamless Payroll Setup with payroll and HRIS integration

Keep track of your remote workforce

Track work from home days

Time off management software everyone will love

Holly – Employee

Complete clarity

Delightful self-service and complete transparency. Employees can check their current PTO balance and any upcoming time off they’ve scheduled right on their phones.

Dan – Team Manager

Time-off insights in the managers hands

Give your team managers the right insights to successfully manage time-off and remote work. No more mistakes approving an entire team off at the same time!

Sarah – HR Team Leader

Streamline and save time

“How much time off do I have?” This is a question you will never hear again – meaning you have more time to focus on the high level HR tasks.

“HR admin was becoming quite overwhelming and we wanted something that automated our processes as much as possible. We also didn’t want to spend months getting things setup.”

Iris Apello – Co-founder

Flow of Work

“Worknice is by far the best solution on the market. I found the integrated compliant contract library the most impressive, gave us exactly what we needed to get on top of our compliance.”

Michael Knee – Director

Silk Hospitality

“More time to focus on my people! Worknice helps cut down on the number of requests and questions flowing to HR and instead gives control back to my people.”

Matthew Browne – Managing Partner

Black Nova Group

“The onboarding tool is our favourite, it plugs straight into Xero and new hires are all fully set up in payroll right away. Worknice has streamlined many of our other HR processes (onboarding, leave approvals, pay increases etc.) & has saved us countless hours.”

Helena Turpin – Co-founder

Flow of Work

Save Time & Automate
Ensure Compliance
Streamline HR

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More Features

  • Fast, Local Australian

    Built for Australian’s by Australian’s.

  • Expert Advice

    Combine expert advice with our modern technology.

  • Assisted Onboarding

    A fast and pain free onboarding experience.

  • Trusted Security

    Market leading security and data privacy by AWS.

  • 100s of Integrations

    Connect your people, data and systems through powerful integrations.

  • Mobile friendly

    Built for mobile from the ground up. Works on any device, any where.

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