Worknice HR Template Bundle
Worknice HR Template Bundle

Worknice HR Template Bundle
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What’s included is the bundle?

Included in the bundle are over 60 free and curated human resources templates ready to use in your business. Included in the bundle is;

  • Template HR checklists
  • Template HR processes
  • 11 Template employee contacts
  • 10 Template company policies
  • Over 10 template letters and deeds

Over 60 templates!

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Need more than a template?

Templates a good, but they don’t harness the power of modern HR technology like Worknice. Worknice eliminates the stress of compliance by reducing manual admin and streamlining process.

Ditch the paper and pdf forms

These document, plus 100’s more, are available and ready as smart docs for you to edit and deploy digitally to new hires and existing employees. Track signature acceptance, automatically follow up non-compliance and more!

Learn more

Compliant templates
Viewing permissions
Digital signature
Dynamic fields
Employee self service
Approval workflows
Secure storage
And more

Why is it worth downloading these free human resources templates?

Worknice content partner Source HR have helped create a comprehensive library of sample templates, policies and contracts. 

Source HR is made up of HR consultants, lawyers, experts and professionals. As a result, they pride themselves on offering quality resources that are freely accessible to the public.

These particular templates are a reproduction of a digital version that is available as part of the Worknice HRIS solution which includes optional support from Source HR experts and Lawyers.

Why are we giving it away for free?

Worknice is a software platform that helps you focus your time and energy on people, rather than process. This downloadable template is a pdf or editable document. So while the content is great, it does not come to life with technology features like automations, workflows, auto-updates, electronic sign-offs, integration and more.

Ditch the PDFs! Manage your documentation in Worknice

Sure you can download these templates, but wouldn’t you prefer to set them up once, do it right, and layer on process so you don’t have to worry about it again? Get Worknice!

Streamline process

  • E-signature – Send contracts, offers, and documentation for review and sign off.
  • Automate the day one set up – trigger actions upon contract sign-off
  • Smart docs – add in dynamic fields so there is no manual data input for information like [first name] or [position]

Ignite culture in hybrid workplaces

  • 100% convenience – Mobile-first, amazing UI, and everything new hires need in the one spot.

Ensure compliance with our smart form library

  • Smart, compliant contracts out of the box – choose from a pre-populated library or create something new.
  • Automated tasks – ensure compliance activities get done.

Stay in the loop

Don’t miss out! Join our large community of HR professionals and business owners. By keeping in the loop, we will send you every new downloadable template and editorial the moment we create them.

Full list of inclusions

Note – we are working on it! All the contracts and policies are available. As more of the other templates come available, we will send them on to you.

Employment contracts – large employers and senior employees

  1. Employment contract for large employers or senior employees (full-time/part-time)
  2. Employment contract for large employers or senior employees (fixed term)
  3. Employment contract for large employers or senior employees (casual)

Employment contracts – small and medium size businesses

  1. Employment contract for small and medium size businesses (full-time/part-time)
  2. Employment contract for small and medium size businesses (fixed term)
  3. Employment contract for small and medium size businesses (casual)

1-page employment contracts

  1. 1-page employment contract (full-time/part-time/fixed term)
  2. 1-page employment contract (casual)

Independent contractor agreements

  1. Independent contractor agreement (sole trader)
  2. Independent contractor agreement (Pty Ltd company)
  3. 1-page independent contractor agreement

Workplace policies

  1. Bullying, discrimination and harassment policy
  2. Code of conduct policy
  3. Drug, alcohol and smoking policy
  4. Flexible work arrangements policy
  5. IT use policy
  6. Leave policy
  7. Social media policy
  8. Vehicle use policy
  9. Work health and safety policy
  10. Working from home policy
  11. Workplace surveillance notice and computer surveillance policy


  1. Onboarding and development map
  2. Employee induction process
  3. New employee details form
  4. Fair Work information statement
  5. Superannuation standard choice form
  6. Tax file number declaration form
  7. Notification of casual conversion provisions
  8. New starter action plan

Probation and performance review

  1. 3-month probationary review form
  2. 5-month probationary review form
  3. Letter informing employee of unsuccessful completion of probationary period 
  4. Letter informing employee of successful completion of probationary period 
  5. Annual performance review form
  6. Annual performance review – manager guidelines

Performance management

  1. Letter inviting employee to performance management meeting
  2. Performance improvement plan
  3. First warning letter about performance
  4. Second warning letter about performance
  5. Final warning letter about performance
  6. Termination letter for performance reasons

Managing misconduct

  1. Letter inviting employee to meeting about misconduct
  2. Outcome letter after meeting about misconduct
  3. Termination for misconduct (not serious misconduct)
  4. Termination letter for serious misconduct


  1. Invitation to consultation meeting about redundancy
  2. Termination letter for redundancy


  1. Employee exit process
  2. Letter to leaving employee about their ongoing obligations

Deeds and agreements

  1. Agreement to cash out annual leave
  2. Agreement to take annual leave in advance
  3. Individual flexibility agreement
  4. Confidentiality deed
  5. Agreement to repay training costs
  6. Repayment agreement (by deduction)
  7. Repayment agreement (no deductions)
  8. Deed of termination
  9. Deed of release (short form)
  10. Deed of release (long form)
  11. Deed of settlement of legal proceedings

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