Spark connections with the employee directory

Employee Database Software

Manage your employees all in one place

Control the chaos! Manage all of your sensitive employee records in one secure scalable HR platform. Stay compliant and keep your team in synch with a suite of HR tools at your disposal.

Spark connections with the employee directory

Thanks to the single, secure employee database software solution, tracking employee records has never been easier. Our HR software collects and organises all the information you gather throughout the employee life cycle, then helps you use it to achieve great things. You have full control over all of your key data in one place, accessible from anywhere. Worknice moves your HR database away from scattered spreadsheets and paper files forever, putting organised, centralised data at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Why you will love our employee database software

Why you will love our employee database software

Streamline your HR processes from anywhere

Take control of your employee data

Manage all of your sensitive employee records in one organised and secure HR database.

Engage your team, even when they are apart

Keep the whole team in sync

Keep your whole team feeling connected and on the same page. Never miss a birthday, work anniversary or zoom drinks!

Build a high performing team

Rapidly scale up your HR operations

Reduce admin by enabling employee self service and automating HR processes

Handle compliance with ease

Reduce risk and ensure legal compliance with simple tools to manage policies, qualifications and more. Gain access to hundreds of compliant employment contracts and policies templates.

Get started with Worknice

Take control of your employee database

Give the right people access to the right information. You can manage who sees what information so that sensitive data is shown only to those who need it. Use our standard roles or create your own custom roles and permissions.

Seamlessly onboard employees in Worknice and have their information automatically shared with Xero, making it easy to create payroll records. You’ll save time by only having to enter data once, and you can automate data synchronisation.

Make employee data management a breeze by storing anything and everything on employee profiles. The employee database also time-stamps records and allows you to send employee reminders. Sensitive info like salary is shared only to the right people and kept secure.

See an employee’s full history in one place, including role changes, salary updates and more. Worknice automatically tracks changes over time to give you the full picture of each employee’s lifecycle.
Seamless Payroll Setup with payroll and HRIS integration Easily access employee details with HRIS See a timeline view of employment history including payroll

Keep the whole team in sync

Company HQ is where everyone stays connected. Share updates, celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries or check who’s on leave.

Understanding who everyone is and what they do inside a business can be hard. Our dynamic org chart auto-creates on the fly to provide a complete picture of the relationships between people, teams, and departments.

Staff can easily find and learn about their colleagues in the employee directory. Whether it’s finding the contact information for the right person in marketing or learning who else likes Crossfit.

Embed employee recognition as part of your culture with shoutouts. Employees can recognise each other’s hard work by easily tagging them in a shoutout.

Give employees context to work better together. Our employee directory makes it easier than ever for them to learn about, find, and connect with each other.
Announcements with HRIS software Know who's who with dynamic org chart software Spark connections with the employee directory Spark connections with the employee directory

Rapidly scale up your HR

Reduce admin by allowing employees to update their details, request leave, view their leave balances, download their payslips and more from any device – right from their HR portal.

Workflows and approvals make sure that each stage of your process is completed at the right time by the right people. Automate leave approvals, salary changes and exits.

No more chasing followups, simply set up automatic alerts and email reminders for key dates and activities.

Worknice’s centralised task management inbox, puts all your HR tasks in one place. Simply check your inbox and know that you have everything covered.
let employees access self service to update their own details Powerful workflows and approvals automate task reminders using onboarding software and employee database software A single inbox for everything

Handle compliance with ease

Gain access to a library of up-to-date compliant contracts, policies and HR documents for you to use in your business to make sure your HR compliance is on top form. Backed by the experts.

Ensure employees review and accept important policies automatically and seamlessly with digital signatures.

Automatically get notified when employee visas or qualifications are about to expire, or run a report to see the expiration date of all certifications across all employees.

Instantly access a full audit log detailing every employee event, from salary changes to performance reviews, over the lifetime of the employee.
Access to compliant HR policies and procedures Digital signatures and acknowledgment See a timeline view of employment history including payroll

Employee database software everyone will love

Holly – Company Employee

User-centric HR portal

Knock your employees socks off with a delightful HR portal. Employees can access everything they need and nothing they don’t on a simple online portal that works on any device.

Dan – Sales Manager

Empower managers to help their team

Your divisional managers are key to supporting the HR team and driving success. Empower managers and ensure action with subtle and timely virtual nudges.

Sarah – HR Team Manager

Free yourself from admin

Achieve great things by focusing on the high level HR tasks. Our HR software collects and organises all the information you gather throughout the employee life cycle, then helps you use it to achieve great things.

“HR admin was becoming quite overwhelming and we wanted something that automated our processes as much as possible. We also didn’t want to spend months getting things setup.”

Iris Apello – Co-founder

Flow of Work

“Worknice is by far the best solution on the market. I found the integrated compliant contract library the most impressive, gave us exactly what we needed to get on top of our compliance.”

Michael Knee – Director

Silk Hospitality

“More time to focus on my people! Worknice helps cut down on the number of requests and questions flowing to HR and instead gives control back to my people.”

Matthew Browne – Managing Partner

Black Nova Group

“The onboarding tool is our favourite, it plugs straight into Xero and new hires are all fully set up in payroll right away. Worknice has streamlined many of our other HR processes (onboarding, leave approvals, pay increases etc.) & has saved us countless hours.”

Helena Turpin – Co-founder

Flow of Work

“An impressive experience. I’ve worked for several employers over my career, and have not experienced such a seamless and exciting introduction to a business. While the culture is ingrained in the business, I can see that Worknice helps enable and deliver it.”

Louise Glover – Growth Marketer

Experience Digital

Save Time & Automate
Ensure Compliance
Streamline HR
Culture & Engagement

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More Features

  • Fast, Local Australian

    Built for Australian’s by Australian’s.

  • Expert Advice

    Combine expert advice with our modern technology.

  • Assisted Onboarding

    A fast and pain free onboarding experience.

  • Trusted Security

    Market leading security and data privacy by AWS.

  • 100s of Integrations

    Connect your people, data and systems through powerful integrations.

  • Mobile friendly

    Built for mobile from the ground up. Works on any device, any where.

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