Top 7 HR satire posts from instagram
Top 7 HR satire posts from instagram

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Top 7 HR satire posts from instagram
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This week I made an amazing discovery: Workplace satire on Instagram. Instagram might have been a place where people could come to discuss the ins and outs of Human resources. I could have been a place for people to come to ask questions to seek advice. It should have been many things. What it was, was something glorious:

A dumping ground for some hilarious satire relating to workplaces of all shapes and sizes. This article pull’s out some of the more humourous and relatable posts from the MBAish page

Strap on in for a face-palmy time. Here are the 10 best(worst) bits of information garnered from my personal instagram feed.

The meeting matrix

In the minutes leading up to a meeting, be sure to plan what type of meeting it is going to be so you can prepare accordingly. For example, all the meetings I have with people I like are Unicorns and those who I can’t stand should have been emails and those I can tolerate are mute and have no video. Conferences are ones I go to to not feel left out and then I go mute and video off

You either win or learn – no losing in this office!

To help drive your relationships in the office, be sure to resent your self as a solutions person, not a problems person. So if you do run into a problem, call it an opportunity! 

The four types of LinkedIn posts

There are 500 million professionals on LinkedIn, and after long and indepth research, four types of LinkedIn posts and their frequency of use has been revealed. The categories include:

  • The “”I’m proud to announce …”
  • The recruiter fairytale
  • The obvious ‘work hacks’
  • Actual insightful posts.

The final, final version of the strategic plan

We’ve all been there. You cross the final ‘t’ on that strageic plan you meticolously created over the last month, and then shoot it off to the team for ‘final feedback’. Next minute … 

The age old ‘salary conversation’ stand-off

Another one of those situations we have all face in the past. As a prospective employee, you don’t want to seem money driven – despite that being the primary currency you will exchange you time and experience for. And as a recruiter for your business, you don’t want to show your hand too early. What is the result? 

6. New age of work – are we really ‘working from home’? Or is it living at work?

With COVID triggering a fully fledged shift toward the hybrid workforce, it has been interesting to see how people adapt. One of the big changes is the number of guest appearances during conference calls; cats, kids and everything in between. But it is isn’t always welcomed.

P.S – wouldn’t it be better to close the door than make a sign?

7. If your mum was following you on linkedIn. Oh no!

Mum’s are renowned for tagging their unsuspecting kids in embarrassing posts, or writing overly formal or serious comments on your wall. But what if they found their way onto LinkedIn?

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