Worknice launches software-less surveys
Worknice launches software-less surveys

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Worknice launches software-less surveys
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Worknice, the leading innovator in HR and engagement software, today announced its latest breakthrough, ’software-less workplace surveys’.

“With this launch, Worknice has once again taken workplace safety management to a new level. These new paper-based forms are going to be incredible. Where most companies are developing augmented reality technology, we are instead moving to actual reality.” Said Worknice COO, Graham Martin.

Paper, a resource that can be transported anywhere, is light and does not require the internet. “We believe workers will enjoy getting out and posting company surveys. And for the core HR management team, it will re-ignite that feeling of excitement when the post arrives each day.”

It is a move that is being lauded as a victory for the environment. Software-based HR solutions drain environmentally damaging lithium-ion batteries in smartphones, tablets, and portable computers. With the introduction of Worknice’s new paper-based solution, tress (a renewable and near limitless resource) will be used instead of batteries.

Contact Worknice today via return mail and we will send you a free sample on limited edition paper.

By the way…

Happy April Fools day! Of course, we are not launching paper-based surveys … errrkk!

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